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With joy I've worked with institutes, companies and other creatives such as:


I enjoy examining mixed media techniques, creating new formats and investigating possibilities. But also just doodling and making stuff for the fun of it! This is where I share some of my expeditions…


Audiovisual communication
I help people, organizations and companies present themselves, their project, product and/ or services with clear-cut and creative videos to engage both insiders as future audiences.

Quality, enthusiasm and flexibility is what I stand for. I create video’s that inform, inspire, motivate and resonate. I care for the projects I work on and come up with effective, original and creative solutions.

Depending on the type of project I'll either execute the project from A to Z myself or put together a customised team drawing from the strong network I've built throughout the years.

Project Management
I'm also experienced in organising and coordinating (international) multi stakeholder projects (cross-media & interdisciplinary). I have a hands-on and anticipatory work style and am able to apply ideas to practice easily. I'm thorough and accurate, with a good sense of priorities and have a talent for building strong relationships with different partners.

In 2004 I graduated for The Royal Art Academy in The Hague with a bachelor's degree in Image & Sound. Later on in 2009 I continued with a research master, European Design Labs, at the Instituto de diseño in Madrid. Additionally to these 'formal educations', I strive to be a lifelong learner. And as George Whitman eloquently put it: “All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.”


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